Null/thread backpatch

Thanks to bands such as Agalloch, Ulver, Asunder, Immortal, Electric Wizard, and Mournful Congregation, I love the metal genre. Though obsessed with rebellion, masculinity and  violence, it's surprised me in many ways that remain healthy, introspective, and fun. The genre continues to grow and mature, despite fans sworn death to the genre.

You've seen the style- the faded, blackened denim, the boots, the old forgotten t-shirts, the patches and long hair. You've seen the large backpatches that adorn the unholy metal vest. (Yes I have one too.) So here's my backpatch! It seems a little empty. I'll edit it as I see fit. (Maybe some shears?)

Thanks to my always funny, always smart friend Graham Tordoff (@ManChapGraham) for fixing my bad working. This sounds more sing-song witch style.



Hatches are always in.