I got a friend in Alaska...

Lately I've been drawing small houses. One of them is in Revit. Many of them are sketched in thumbnail in little bedside notebooks . One, which I scanned below, drawn in the woods while fantasizing about plywood boxes in glass boxes in the wilderness.

Houzz, Pintrest, and Architizer beckon me with beautiful sun-drenched tiny homes, delicately crafted and designed to fit in the back where a garage can be. The promise of humility, simplicity and quality- In drawing these little thumbnails I think: what do I really need? Why do I need it? What can I do without? What habits can I change?

More plywood boxes in glass boxes later. "I've Got a Friend in Alaska.." will be a small book with my tiny house designs I have sketched out while thinking about that small plot of land my friend promises "I can do anything."