Yesterday, I drew 18 pages in less than 18 hours, a comic-night at a local art and comic gallery. The result is Planet Hop, a cyberpunk immigration story! Plans are to have this ready for Short Run, which I am exhibiting in, this November 5th.

That's the other exciting news- I am in Short Run!

DOC081716 (2)_Page_1.jpg
Got to talk to other artists and friends!

Got to talk to other artists and friends!

Hard at work on your left!

Hard at work on your left!

Definitely tempted to do the 24 hour one... I can see now what's in my abilities, just need to prepare two things: a script, thumbnails, and lots of coffee. That was three things.

Nothing but energy and sleep

It's been a while, sorry about that. Time flies when my conscious and unconscious mind piles projects, causes and events into heaps. I'm just starting to get out of it.

First and foremost, I have a Patreon. Opening an account, writing on my motivations and hopeful outcomes, adding the URL on my business card, and sharing the link in social media has been my official "introduction" into the art world, with me drawing more consistently and lovingly. 

After the holidays, I finished two competition entries and one art-related application. We're one for three, but this means more production: I'll be tabling at Exterminator City, a comic and art mini-fest at Push/Pull Gallery. 

One of the prints I'll be selling at the fest. First time I sell prints!

One of the prints I'll be selling at the fest. First time I sell prints!





I also humbly attended Advocacy Day for Affordable Housing and Homelessness at Olympia, representing the 43rd district. It's something that I deeply care about, and was very happy to have a boss that thought of me first with this event. We both went and though we took a passive role, we absorbed as much as we could for the next fight.

There are a few bills in the pipes on affordable housing. One of them is HB 1565, which outlaws source of income discrimination, such as Section 8 vouchers and other government subsidies. This sort of discrimination happens quite blatantly. Advocates also reminded their legislators to continue support for the Housing Trust Fund and programs such as HEN, ABD, and SSI Facilitation services.

In Seattle, HALA is the housing affordability giant getting attacked and praised from all sides. My next steps with advocacy is joining a community organization (begun by the Capitol Hill Eco District crowd) representing neighborhood renters, as we feel the conversation so far has revolved around property owners, and not around majority of residents: renters.

March holds emptiness, but not for long. I'm hoping to get selected to be part of the HALA Community Focus Group for my neighborhood. There's also comics to submit for one anthology or two, as well as other mini projects cropping up like flies.

For architecture, I am managing two house remodels, plus all my other responsibilities as architectural staff. 2016 has been treating me well.


In the middle of moving, recovering from October's drawing mayhem

Currently, my mind is unnecessarily worried about moving. I'm only 27, but definitely feel like I already have accumulated too many worldly possessions! It's very easy to when you are both creative and cheap- surely I'll use this remnant at some point when sewing a skirt right?

The last few "art projects" have been work-related. For example, a playing card, comprised of my bosses' sketches from his travels to Sweden, Spain and France, which I compiled into a cityscape in Photoshop, then shaded it in.

I decided to add my own little sketch hidden in the mayhem. A Seattle landmark, easily seen while on I-5 or on the Aurora Bridge.

I'll return to drawing once I'm moved and the November holidays are over. I'm even buying a new drawing table!

Short Run 2015

I have a lot to write about- a backlog of things learned, things discovered, things broken, things recovered. First I will write about the immediate past, which is Short Run, an indie comix festival in Seattle, which was this past Halloween!

Thanks to Marie Hausauer(left) and Lara Kaminoff(right), who let me put Witchaus on their table. You can find their stuff  here  and  here !

Thanks to Marie Hausauer(left) and Lara Kaminoff(right), who let me put Witchaus on their table. You can find their stuff here and here!

I completed my first zine, Witchaus Issue#0. From there, I learned a few things! Such as: make sure you plan out your center spread. Or what a long arm stapler is- and that they are expensive. What a bone folder is. Also that trading zines is fun and enjoyable- well, at least the first two, then you are tired and shaky because ~introvert~

Bunny Lee ,  Eli Tripoli , and  Laura D. Graves . Bunny introduced me to DUNE, which led me things like Exterminator City and Short Run. Thanks Bunny!

Bunny Lee, Eli Tripoli, and Laura D. Graves. Bunny introduced me to DUNE, which led me things like Exterminator City and Short Run. Thanks Bunny!

One side of the room. Chaos, beautiful comic chaos.

One side of the room. Chaos, beautiful comic chaos.

My excitement cannot be contained!

Turned in my Comic / Witches and Houses

You can see two of my submissions for the La Raza Anthology in my "Comix" section, but I have a little detail here mostly to show the cool textures I got out of Manga Studio. I've been very happy with the program for its versatility and affordability, especially with Adobe being subscription only at this point in the game (which is very, very costly in the long run, especially if you have no use for the entire suite.)

I'm also continuing my "I've got a friend in Alaska" drawings, and populating these little hippie cabins with hippie witches. Reminds me of that little lone house found in Skyrim with the Nightshade in the back. Definitely a witch house.

Dune 31

Body acceptance and body diversity has been highly discussed in the internet, especially in regards to TV shows and film castings. Animation is no different. The "magical girl" genre (think Sailor Moon, Escaflowne) seems to always surround the lives of already conventionally beautiful girls and women as they find their secret powers, transforming into one powerful, beautiful, and magical being. Though the genre suffers from a lack of both racial and body diversity, I am still drawn to it: These girls save worlds, make friends, find lovers. These girls struggle with school work, with friendship, with parents, with peers and with their body image. These girls become women.

One of the little projects I am working on is monster girl- a magical girl that doesn't transform into a more skinny, more white, more beautiful version of herself, but instead transforms into the monster she feels like inside. How many teenagers do you know feel inadequate, like little unwanted and ineffectual monsters - inexperienced and awkward in the social, political, sexual, economic ladders of human life.

The "magical girl" genre is a good answer to this inadequacy, by cladding it in fantasy.The magical girls don't graduate to the adult world (bills, job, rent) when they find their powerful selves but instead are in between childhood and adulthood: protecting the world from evil with all their good, despite just having learned it. 

Building a moral compass. Accepting one's special strengths. Finding hope in your friends (because adults are seriously no help.) The genre provides a safe space for fantasy and growth- if done right of course!

Magical girls!

With words

My comic got accepted for a latino anthology. I'll post more about it later. Here's one spread done (I think I will leave it black and white) which a second one still in the works. (Might bust out the gouache!)

Sigils project

I've been working on little sigils in my new sketchbook- which I realize it doesn't have enough pages. Ideally I'd like to paint these on a round canvas, but it all depends on time and material. These are mostly motifs that I tend to detault to: teeth, birds, plants and faces.

I've also been drawing more and more autobiographical stuff: if its anything that I've learned, only my mind is certain, only I can speak from my experience, and there is a sort of pride in how and where I was raised. I've been slowly cooking ideas on the Mexican-American experience, the weird cultural divide first-generation children face living in a multi-cultural world. Though my life was quite homogeneous (Brownsville, TX today is about 93% Hispanic), there is discord in new immigrant values and culture to its American counterpart: once you learn English, you will consume American media- something which parents just don't understand... literally. My parents are intelligent and educated people, but the language and culture divide was enough to cause a disconnect.

4 generations

4 generations

This will probably be a lifelong project, but I'd like to get a small zine done in a year's time. Blogging about it makes it real, so here's to me- accomplish this goal!

Recently, comics

Drawing slice of life comics lately. One page, multi-panel spreads.

Mother giving me a lesson turned poetry.

Mother giving me a lesson turned poetry.

Goal: keep scribbling things I want to draw
things I want to design
things I want to build
things I want to grow

Eventually I get to them.

In my bedside table, at the moment there is:

  • My copy of Name of the Wind,a pencil wedged in the middle, the start of Japanese stationary post it annotation begins.
  • My battened notebook of ideas
  • My *other* battered notebook of ideas
  • My 3DS
  • My checked-out copy of Daniel Abraham's Widow's House, half-way through