Links Round Up

Links round up time, because the internet is ephemeral and knowledge is a collection of I-read-on-somewhere-that...

"Genteficación": cuando los jóvenes modernos que llegan a tu barrio también son latinos, on CityLab Latino - gentrification and displacement via the educated millennial lanitx

Seven spaces Seattle can't afford to lose to development, a concise and vivid summary by Laura Bernstein covering a sixteen speaker event hosted by Ghosts of Seattle Past at the Center for Architecture and Design.

A favorite topic of mine, article on DADUs in the Seattle Times. Opinion piece More housing density keeps Seattle affordable for younger residents by Caleb Heeringa.

Why Bicycle Justice Isn't a White Guy in Spandex on expanding bike culture and spatial justice to people of color

Urbanist summary on #BlocktheBunker in Seattle before today's tense City Hall meeting